Cabanes at the castle

La Bussière Castle

In 1962, Henri de Chasseval, with the help of his wife, opened the castle to visitors and installed his unique collection of works of art centered around freshwater fishing. Today, throughout the visit, in living rooms, the kitchen and  the pantry, we always discover  the theme of fisheries and fish, paintings, sculptures, engravings, objects of  folk art (pottery, ceramics, glassware  etc.) … antique material presented amongst family furniture.

The  Fisherman’s Castle set amid the waters, is a  Xll th century fortress  inhabited  for 8 centuries. The entire site is open to visitors who can also admire many exhibits such as the orangery , saddlery ( with its harness collection), the stables, the vegetable garden ( a creation of the eighteenth century), the park with its romantic walk along the water, its cabins and the unforgettable”discovery” game.

Visit the website of the Château de La Bussière to discover activities throughout the season. including Easter, Christmas at the castle, summer concerts, heritage workshops rendezvous at the garden!