I have a  lifetime collection of cookbooks in French and in Englishcookbooks of chefs from France and elsewhere, and books of recipes written by men or women just like myself eager to share their love for good food.

I have attended, internships in starred kitchens in London. I tasted the wonders they created and menumerous  passionate people and have learned many tricks.

With enthusiasm I wrote a small book of simple recipes, a compilation of all my reading, that in fact, I had been using to the delight of my family and friends . It was published and sold thousands of copies in bookshops in the provinces as well as in Paris. 

With time, I wanted to renew the practice of stimulating exercises in the kitchen with ideas from current industry leaders. This year I’m going to Passédat in Marseille.

And today, I have decided to have fun and to take my turn, to set up home cooking workshops without fuss or hoopla, it’s me, is my soul, that’s it !

You are receiving 6 buddies, and you have only an hour to prepare, what will you succeed in cooking that pleases them as much as yourself. At the market, how to recognize  good produce, organic produce and responsible  agricultural producers. Your cart will overflow,how to manage all their visual beauty and transform them without it fading. You do not have time to shop, how to accommodate with what is left in the fridge. You do not know how to cook at all , come and learn easy recipes, wher you’ll find yourself with others too!

You’ve been warned, we may spend a good time together in a simple and friendly home- as in chez Noemie!

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